General commands


/hub - Travel to the servers hub / lobby. /towny - Connect to the Towny realm. /creative - Connect to the Creative realm.

/spawn - Teleport to spawn. /tpa <player> - Send a teleportation request to the target player. /tpahere <player> - Send a request to the target player, asking them to teleport to you. /tpaccept - Accept a teleportation request. /tpdeny - Deny a teleportation request. /wild - Teleport to a random location in the wilderness. /afk - Enter AFK (Away From Keyboard) mode. /rules - Link to the server rules. /discord - Link to Minex Discord server. /vote - Link to voting sites. Voting gives you certain rewards. /buy - Link to Minex store.

/bal - Your balance. /pay - Make a transaction. /baltop - A list of the richest players.

/sethome - Set a home. /delhome - Remove a home. /home - Teleport to a home. /homes - List all homes.

/warps - Lists all warps. /warp <name> - Teleport to the target warp. /warp create <name> - Create a new warp. Costs $50 000. /warp help - Show all warp-related commands.